Tecking Team 6046 is a second year robotics team that plans to build a robot to compete in First Robotics Competitions (FRC) while promoting girls in Science, Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Team 6046 comes from a rural community where 90% of the students are bussed to school. The ratio of male to female students enrolled in tech programs is approximately 75% male to 25% females. Therefore, we try to promote girls in STEM as we elevate our sensitivity to being inclusive of all students with an emphasis on more females being involved. This type of competition involves not only building a robot to compete but it involves organizational, technical, social, and management skills development. Tecking team 6046’s mission is to build a robot to compete in robotics competitions while providing for the less fortunate and $100 team membership to promote equity and equality. In keeping with this plan, we have developed a preliminary fundraising plan for our rookie year. Although Tecking is still new to the competition as a second year team, we have a group of hard-working and dedicated team members. There are several big companies in the area that we can approach for sponsorships and engineering expertise. We have numerous colleges and universities located in the area. The school also has an active parent council and a strong alumni group. Tecking will strive to gain knowledge and be successful in our second year again, while making a strong basis for the future. .