With your donation, you are helping to encourage not only girls in STEM industries, but as the only team in York Region District School Board currently pursuing this competition, you are giving us as a team an opportunity to start a movement. Since we are a second year team, donations are critical for this team to be able to function.
For our first year, the budget to be able to run the team is roughly $19,000 in order to cover all costs associated with operating a FIRST Robotics team.
The costs of operating the team will come primarily from donations, seeing as our school is unable to grant us a budget. Your donation is greatly appreciated and will allow this team to continue to grow and prosper.

What is your donation contributing towards? Some of the major costs we are facing include:

-        $2,000 covers the cost of the base robot kit and registration fees for a regional competition.
-        $3,000 allows the team to purchase a necessary tool kit
-        $3,000 goes towards purchasing additional parts required for equipping the robot for the competition.
-        An additional $1,500 is set aside for promotional materials such as flyers, banners, posters and team t-shirts.   

- Miscellaneous expenses and fees
- Travel costs to get the team and our 120lb robot to and from competitions
- Machinery for our building team and assistance for our outreach programs

We are also seeking donations for materials, mentorship expertise in different areas including engineering, computer programming, business and marketing.

If you are able to help out in any way possible the King City Secondary School FIRST Robotics team would be extremely grateful to you.
If you would like more information on this project please contact us at tecking6046@gmail.com